47th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
21 - 25 June 2021

Virtual Conference

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I1.001De Temmerman, G., Pitts*, R.A.Progress in the understanding of plasma-wall interactions in support of the ITER Research Plan
I1.002von Keudell*, A.Nanosecond plasmas in liquids – dynamic plasmas at GPa pressures
I1.003Velli*, M.Parker Solar Probe: new views of the nascent solar wind
I1.101Brunetti*, D., Ham, C., Graves, J.P., Lazzaro, E., Mariani, A., Nowak, S., Cooper, W.A., Wahlberg, C., Frassinetti, L., Saarelma, S., Solano, E.Theoretical and experimental investigation of ELM-free states in high performance tokamak regimes
I1.102Gil*, L., Silva, C., Happel, T., Conway, G., David, P., Dux, R., Kallenbach, A., Pütterich, T., Santos, J., Silva, A., Stroth, U., Wolfrum, E.EDA H-mode in ASDEX Upgrade: a promising ELM-free regime
I1.103Kappatou*, A., Angioni, C., Puetterich, T., Lerche, E., Sips, A.C., Dunne, M., Neu, R., Giroud, C., Kim, H., Challis, C., Hobirk, J., Nunes, I., Tsalas, M., McDermott, R.M., Manas, P., Dux, R., Frassinetti, L., Saarelma, S., Menmuir, S., Bernert, M., Viezzer, E.Energy confinement degradation of deuterium plasmas with helium seeding
I1.104Solano*, E.R.JET-ILW L-H transitions in Helium
I1.201Lehmann*, G., Spatschek, K.Interaction of high-power laser pulses with transient plasma photonic crystals
I1.202Zepf*, M.Quantum Electrodynamics in the Strong Field Regime
I1.203McBride*, E.E.Phase Transition Lowering and Melting in Dynamically-Compressed Silicon and Germanium at the LCLS
I1.301Wagenaars*, E.Understanding and controlling plasma chemistry of atmospheric-pressure plasmas for surface modification applications
I1.302Rat*, V.Relationships between arc plasma jet properties and plasma/liquid interaction mechanisms for the deposition of nanostructured ceramic coatings
I1.303Bordel*, N., Fernández, L.J., Méndez, C., Gonzalez-Gago, C., Pisonero, J.Halides formation dynamics in nanosecond and femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
I1.304Schulze*, J., Korolov, I., Donko, Z., Schulz-von der Gathen, V., Liu, Y., Mussenbrock, T.Selective control of electron energy distribution functions and neutral species generation in micro atmospheric pressure plasma jets by Voltage Waveform Tailoring
I1.401Araudo*, A.Particle acceleration and magnetic field amplification in astrophysical jets
I1.402Chen*, H., Chen, L., Zonca, F., Lin, Y.A gyrokinetic simulation model for low frequency electromagnetic fluctuations in magnetized plasmas
I1.403Tjus*, J.Plasmas particles and photons -- spotlights on multimessenger astronomy
I2.001Keitel*, C.H.Extremely high-intensity laser interactions: from fundamental quantum systems to quantum plasma simulations and experimental confirmations
I2.002Millot*, M.Laser-driven dynamic compression of planetary constituent materials: giant Lasers giant impacts and giant planets
I2.101Kobayashi*, M.Compatibility of core plasma performance and radiating edge plasma with 3D edge magnetic field structure change induced by RMP application in LHD
I2.102Manz*, P., Happel, T., Stroth, U., Eich, T., Silvagni, D.The key to the I-mode confinement regime in tokamaks
I2.103Fable*, E.The modeling of a tokamak plasma discharge: from first principles to a flight simulator
I2.104Liu*, A.D.Self-organizing mechanism for sustaining stationary I-mode in EAST
I2.105Melnikov*, A.V., Hidalgo, C., Kozachek, A., Eliseev, L., Kharchev, N., Lysenko, S., Khabanov, P., Drabinskiy, M., Chmyga, A., Barcala, J., Lopez-Bruna, D., Cappa, A., Losada, U., Medina, F., Molinero, A., dePablos, J., Pastor, I.2D distribution of potential and density in the ECRH plasmas at the TJ-II stellarator
I2.106Macusova*, E., Ficker, O., Cerovsky, J., Caloud, J., Gobbin, M., Liu, Y., Tomes, M., Markovic, T., Napoli, F., Bin, W., Castaldo, C., Jerab, M., Casolari, A., Mlynar, J., Adamek, J., Buratti, P., Bren, D., Cardinali, A., Carnevale, D., Cavalier, J., Decker, J., Farnik, M., Havranek, A., Hron, M., Kulhanek, P., Kulkov, S., Marcisovsky, M., Naydenkova, D., Nocente, M., Perelli Cippo, E., Dal Molin, A., Papp, G., Peysson, Y., Panek, R., Plyusnin, V., Rabinski, M., Rigamonti, D., Selce, A., Tardocchi, M., Vondracek, P., Weinzettl, V.Evolution of the runaway electron decay in response to the application of magnetic perturbations mitigation gases and active antenna
I2.107Zanca*, P., Sattin, F., Escande, D.F.A power-balance model of L-mode density limit in fusion plasmas
I2.108Zarzoso*, D., del-Castillo-Negrete, D., Dumont, R., Faganello, M., Garbet, X., Sarazin, Y.Energetic particle transport and losses in fusion plasmas
I2.109Hammond*, K., Gao, Y., Jakubowski, M., Killer, C., Niemann, H., Rudischhauser, L., Ali, A., Andreeva, T., Blackwell, B., Brunner, J., Cannas, B., Drewelow, P., Endler, M., Feng, Y., Geiger, J., Grulke, O., Knauer, J., Klose, S., Lazerson, S., Otte, M., Pisano, F., Neuner, U., Puig Sitjes, A., Rahbarnia, K., Schilling, J., Thomsen, H., Wurden, G.Drift effects on fluxes of heat and particles to plasma-facing components in W7-X
I2.201Yogo*, A., Mirfayzi, S.R., Ariwaka, Y., Abe, Y., Hayakawa, T., Koizumi, M., Golovin, D., Mori, T., Lan, Z., Wei, T., Hiramatsu, Y., Nakanishi, M., Iwata, N., Sentoku, Y., Nakai, M., Fujioka, S., Mima, K., Kar, S., Kodama, R.Exploring “Nuclear Photonics” with Laser-driven Neutron Source
I2.202Zeil*, K.Laser-proton acceleration with cryogenic hydrogen jets
I2.203Franke*, P.Spatiotemporal control of laser pulses for broadband extreme ultraviolet generation
I2.301Maguire*, P.Plasma surrounds liquid: charged droplets colloids and solids in a low temperature atmospheric pressure multi-phase plasma
I2.302Stranak*, V., Kratochvil, J., Sterba, J., Dycka, F., Hubicka, Z., Kousal, J., Kus, P., Kylian, O.Nanoparticles and nanostructures: from preparation towards (bio)application
I2.J601Martinez*, L., Santoro, G., Merino, P., Accolla, M., Lauwaet, K., Sobrado, J., Sabbah, H., Peláez, R.J., Herrero, V.J., Tanarro, I., Agúndez, M., Martín, A., Otero, R., Ellis, G.J., Joblin, C., Cernicharo, J., Martín-Gago, J.Prevalence of non-aromatic carbonaceous molecules in the inner regions of circumstellar envelopes
I2.J602Schwabe, M., Pustylnik*, M., Räth, C., Lipaev, A., Thoma, M.H., Usachev, A., Thomas, H.String fluids in complex plasmas
I3.001Valero*, M.Revolutions in high performance computing to accelerate scientific progress
I3.002Morris*, W., Harrison, J., Surrey, E., Waldon, C., Wilson, H., Zohm, H.Towards a fusion reactor: integration of physics and technology
I3.101Yoshida*, M.Plasma physics and control studies in JT-60SA for ITER scenario development and risk mitigation
I3.102Alberti*, S., Chellai, O., Furno, I., Goodman, T., Maj, O., Merlo, G., Poli, E., Riva, F., Weber, H.Millimeter-wave beam scattering and induced broadening by plasma turbulence in tokamaks
I3.103Reux*, C., Eidietis, N., Lehnen, M., Hollmann, E.M., Jachmich, S., Joffrin, E., Lomas, P.J., Rimini, F., Balor, L., Calacci, L., Causa, F., Carnevale, D., Coffey, I., Craven, D., Dal Molin, A., De La Luna, E., De Tommasi, G., Ficker, O., Garcia, J., Gebhart, T., Giacomelli, L., Huber, A., Khilkevitch, E., Lowry, C., Macusova, E., Manzanares, A., Nocente, M., Panontin, E., Papp, G., Pautasso, G., Paz-Soldan, C., Peacock, A., Plyusnin, V., Shevelev, A., Shiraki, D., Silburn, S., Sommariva, C., Sozzi, C., Sridhar, S., Sweeney, R., Tinguely, A.Physics of runaway electrons with Shattered Pellet Injection at JET
I3.104Kazakov*, Y., Bobkov, V., Garcia, J., Garcia-Muñoz, M., Kiptily, V., Mantsinen, M., Nocente, M., Ongena, J., Pinches, S., Salewski, M., Schneider, M., Schneider, P., Štancar, Ž., Weisen, H., Baranov, Y., Baruzzo, M., Bierwage, A., Bilato, R., Coelho, R., Craciunescu, T., Dreval, M., Dumont, R., Eriksson, J., Galdon-Quiroga, J., Giacomelli, L., Giroud, C., Gonzalez-Martin, J., Kappatou, A., Kirov, K., Lauber, P., Lennholm, M., Mazzi, S., Nabais, F., Nave, F., Ochoukov, R., Plank, U., Rigamonti, D., Sahlberg, A., Sharapov, S., Shinohara, K., Sumida, S., Varje, J., Weiland, M.Progress with 3-ion ICRF schemes on ASDEX Upgrade and JET in support of ITER operations
I3.105Di Siena*, A., Görler, T., Poli, E., Banon Navarro, A., Biancalani, A., Bilato, R., Bock, A., Mantsinen, M., deOliveira-Lopes, N., Reisner, M., Fable, E., Stober, J., Jenko, F.Stabilization of electromagnetic turbulence in the presence of fast particles
I3.106Mordijck*, S., Hughes, J.Pedestal particle transport in high opacity regimes on DIII-D and C-Mod
I3.201Siminos*, E.Sub-cycle pulse generation in laser-plasma interaction: from relativistic mirrors to laser wakefield driven amplification
I3.202Liao*, G., Neely, D., Li, Y., Zhang, J.Extreme terahertz generation from relativistic laser plasma interactions
I3.203Michel*, P., Chapman, T., Divol, L., Goyon, C., Edwards, M.R., Kur, E., Lazarow, M., Marcus, G., Friedland, L., Wurtele, J.S.Manipulating light using plasmas: polarization control slow & fast light
I3.401Faganello*, M., Sisti, M., Califano, F., Lavraud, B.Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and induced magnetic reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause: 3D simulation based on satellite data
I3.402Sijo*, S.Nonlinear waves in multi-ion cometary plasma
I3.403Kolotkov*, D.Y.Solar corona as an active medium for magnetoacoustic waves
I3.404Kocharovsky*, V., Garasev, M., Kocharovsky, V., Nechaev, A., Starodubtsev, M., Stepanov, A.Self-consistent magnetic field and plasma structures: From laboratory to cosmic phenomena beyond MHD approach
I3.J501Oyarzabal*, E., Devitre, A., Tabarés, F., Tafalla, D.Interaction of GD Oxygen and Deuterium cold plasmas with Lithium and Boron active coating and film characterization with LIBS
I3.J502Cartry*, G., Tahri, L., Maurice, B., Layet, J., Sasao, M., Smith, G., Achard, J., Simonin, A.Progress in negative ion production by surface reactions in the context of future fusion reactor
I3.J503Ratynskaia*, S., Vignitchouk, L., Tolias, P.Heating and transport of metal droplets in dense magnetized plasmas
I3.J504Huber*, A.Study of inter & intra ELM tungsten erosion and screening in JET-ILW
I3.J505Fubiani*, G.Modelling of the Negative Ion Source and Accelerator of the ITER Neutral Beam Injector
I3.J506Yoo*, M., Na, Y., Lee, J., Kim, Y., Kim, J.Discovery of the fundamental mechanism of the ohmic breakdown in a tokamak: A turbulent ExB mixing avalanche
I4.001Pons*, J.Neutron stars as fundamental physics laboratories: the crucial role of magnetic fields and plasma physics
I4.002Lefebvre*, E.Laser Mégajoule: results status and perspective after five years of plasma experiments
I4.101Carralero*, D., Estrada, T., Windisch, T., Maragkoudakis, E., Alonso, A., Calvo, I., García-Regaña, J., Jakubowsky, M., Sánchez, E., Velasco, J.Wendelstein 7-X: testbed for studies on the interplay between neoclassical and turbulent transport
I4.102Cathey*, A., Hoelzl, M., Lackner, K., Huijsmans, G., Dunne, M., Wolfrum, E., Pamela, S., Orain, F., Guenter, S.MHD simulations of multiple type-I ELM cycles and bifurcation to different ELM types in ASDEX Upgrade
I4.103Kong*, D.Experimental observation of the localized coupling between zonal flow and magnetic island in EAST Tokamak plasmas
I4.104Kong*, M., Felici, F., Sauter, O., Galperti, C., Vu, T., Ham, C., Hender, T.C., Maraschek, M., Reich, M.Physics-based control of neoclassical tearing modes on TCV
I4.105Kiptily*, V.G., Kazakov, Y., Nocente, M., Ongena, J., Dreval, M., Craciunescu, T., Fitzgerald, M., Giacomelli, L., Goloborodko, V., Iliasova, M., Khilkevich, E., Rigamonti, D., Shevelev, A., Garcia, J., Oliver, J., Sharapov, S., Stancar, Z., Weisen, H.Excitation of Alfvén eigenmodes by fusion-born alpha-particles in JET plasmas
I4.106Klepper*, C.C., Unterberg, E.A., Gallo, A., Ciraolo, G., Marandet, Y., Bufferand, H., Colas, L., Desgranges, C., Fedorczak, N., Guillemaut, C., Goniche, M., Gunn, J.P., Morales, J., Neff, A.L., Pascal, J., Raghunathan, M., Tsitrone, E., Urbanczyk, G., Wampler, W.R.W sources in the long-pulse all-W wall RF-heated WEST tokamak environment
I4.201Hansen*, A.M.Nonlinear cross-beam energy transfer
I4.301Raynaud*, P., Martinko, I., Palmero, A., Alvarez, R., Thomas, L., Soum glaude, A., Ngoue, D., Diop, A., Roualdes, S., Rouessac, V., Van Der LEE, A., Antonin, O., Nelis, T.Low pressure microwave plasma process from Zr and Ti metalorganic precursors: A comparative study of metal oxide and metal/oxide/silica films.
I4.302Schweigert*, I., Zakrevsky, D., Gugin, P., Milakhina, E., Golubitskaya, E., Troitskaya, O., Koval, O.Enhancement of impact of atmospheric plasma jet on cancer cells with external electrode
I4.303Viegas*, P., Vialetto, L., Wolf, A.J., Peeters, F.J., Righart, T.W., Groen, P.W., Bongers, W.A., van de Sanden, M.C., Diomede, P.Insight into contraction dynamics of microwave plasmas for CO2 conversion: modeling and experiments
I4.401d'Humières*, E., Fazzini, A., Ribeyre, X., Yao, W., Béard, J., Burdonov, K., Chen, S., Kisyov, S., Korneev, P., Lelasseux, V., Moreno, Q., Pikuz, S., Popescu, D., Ciardi, A., Tikhonchuk, V., Fuchs, J.Collisionless magnetized shock formation and particle energization in scaled astrophysical conditions obtained using high power lasers
I4.402Park*, H.Observation of electromagnetic collisionless shock formation and nonthermal electron acceleration in laboratory experiments
I4.J701Bulanov*, S.Laser-Particle collider for high field and high energy physics studies
I4.J702Perez*, F., Amiranoff, F., Briand, C., Depierreux, S., Grech, M., Lancia, L., Marquès, J., Riconda, C., Sgattoni, A., Vinci, T.Laser experiment for solar radio emissions
I5.001Gordillo-Vazquez*, F.J.Electrical discharges in the clouds and above the clouds: chemical effects in the atmosphere
I5.002Belmonte*, T.Alloying nanoparticles by discharges in liquids: a quest for metastability
I5.003Silva*, L.O.Extreme Plasma Physics
I5.101Xu*, M., Zhong, W., Liu, Y., Zhang, Y., Xiao, G., Bai, X., Chen, C., Dong, C., Delpech, L., Duan, X., Ekedahl, A., Feng, B., Giruzzi, G., Gao, J., Hoang, T., Ji, X., Liang, A., Lu, B., Mazon, D., Peysson, Y., Shi, Z., Sun, P., Zhang, K., Zou, X.ELM mitigation experiments and underlying physical understanding in the HL-2A Tokamak
I5.102Ford*, O.P., Beurskens, M.N., Bozhenkov, S., Äkäslompolo, S., Lazerson, S., Alcusón, J.A., Alonso, J.A., Beidler, C.D., Dinklage, A., Fuchert, G., Hartmann, D., McNeely, P., Hirsch, M., Laqua, H., Stange, T., von Stechow, A., Turkin, Y., Vanó, L., Xanthopoulos, P., Wolf, R.C., Team, W.Turbulence reduced high performance scenarios in Wendelstein 7-X on the path to a steady state reactor.
I5.103Coda*, S.Exploration of the physics and viability of a negative-triangularity reactor in the TCV tokamak
I5.201Lafon*, M., Marciante, M., Laffite, S., Riquier, R.Short-pulse low gas-fill implosion designs for ignition on the Laser Mega Joule facility
I5.202Debayle*, A., Ruyer, C., Loiseau, P., Masson-Laborde, P.E., Bénisti, D.Unified modeling of cross beam energy transfer Brillouin and Raman back and side scatterings with a ray tracing method
I5.203Volpe*, L., Malko, S., Apiñaniz, J.Near-Bragg peak Ion stopping power measurement in Warm Dense Matter Experiments in Ultra-High and short repetition rate Laser Facilities
I5.401Meyrand*, R.Violation of the zeroth law of turbulence in space plasmas
I5.402Moiseenko*, V.E., Ågren, O.Curl-free form of time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations well-suitable for iterative numerical solving
I5.J501Tskhakaya*, D., Kirschner, A., Komm, M.Diffusive sheath – the plasma sheath in next generation fusion devices
I5.J502Murari*, A.Frontiers in Data Analysis Methods: from Causality Detection to Data Driven Experimental Design
O1.101Dittrich*, L.Deuterium retention and depth profiling of co-deposits on bulk beryllium and tungsten tiles from JET-ILW
O1.102Goldston*, R.Generalization of the heuristic drift model for finite collisionality
O1.201Fajardo, M., Williams*, G.O., Hussain, M., Estrela, P.Imaging the solid to plasma transition
O1.202Wark*, J.S., Humphries, O., Marjoribanks, R., van den Berg, Q., Galtier, E., Kasim, M., Lee, H., Miscampbell, A., Nagler, B., Royle, R., Vinko, S.Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Studies of a Solid-Density Plasma
O1.203Lécz*, Z., Platonov, K., Andreev, A.Generation and manipulation of strong magnetic fields in cluster gas irradiated by intense circularly polarized laser pulses
O1.204Descamps*, A., Ofori-Okai, B., Zastrau, U., Glenzer, S., McBride, E.Direct measurement of bulk temperature using inelastic X-ray scattering at X-ray Free Electron Lasers
O1.301Boni*, F.A numerical and experimental study of the curling probe and its application to ECR and ICP plasma sources for electron density measurements
O1.302Jagodar*, A.Molecular dynamic simulations of functionalization and doping of carbon nanomaterials
O1.401Tenerani*, A., Velli, M., Matteini, L.Evolution of switchbacks in the solar wind
O1.402Pusztai*, I., Juno, J., Brandenburg, A., TenBarge, J.M., Hakim, A., Francisquez, M., Sundström, A.Kinetic dynamo in non-magnetized plasmas impeded by magnetic Landau damping
O1.403Ripperda*, B., Philippov, S., Bacchini, F.Magnetic reconnection and hot spot formation in black hole accretion flows
O1.404Lin*, Z.Particle Simulation of Turbulent Transport in FRC
O2.101Pütterich*, T.The ITER Baseline Scenario at ASDEX Upgrade and TCV
O2.102Lang*, P.T., Davis, S., Fable, E., Janky, F., Matsunaga, G., Nakamura, S., Suzuki, T., Ploeckl, B., Suttrop, W., Treutterer, W., Yamamoto, S., Zohm, H., Team, A.U.Pellet actuator development step-by-step: from AUG to JT-60SA and EU-DEMO
O2.103Suzuki*, Y.Spontaneous transition improving particle confinement in high-beta plasmas of Large Helical Device
O2.104Pan*, O., Lunt, T., Wischmeier, M., Coster, D., Stroth, U.SOLPS simulations for alternative divertor configurations in the future upper divertor in ASDEX Upgrade
O2.105Verhaegh*, K., Lipschultz, B., Duval, B.Spectroscopic investigations of detachment on the TCV tokamak
O2.106De Oliveira, H., Duval, B., Février, O., Reimerdes, H., Theiler*, C., Wensing, M., Colandrea, C., Brida, D., Gorno, S., Henderson, S., Komm, M., Labit, B., Linehan, B., Martinelli, L., Maurizio, R., Perek, A., Raj, H., Thornton, A.Heat exhaust capabilities of the recently upgraded TCV divertor
O2.107Rivero-Rodriguez*, J.F., Garcia-Munoz, M., Galdon-Quiroga, J., Snicker, A., Dominguez-Palacios, J., Chen, H., Doyle, S.J., Garcia-Vallejo, D., Gonzalez-Martin, J., Sanchis, L., Sarkimaki, K., Viezzer, E.Kinetic modelling of ELM-induced fast-ion transport and acceleration in the ASDEX Upgrade and MAST Upgrade tokamaks
O2.108Jorge*, R.A moment based model for plasma dynamics at arbitrary collisionality
O2.109Garcia-Munoz*, M., Vallar, M., Karpushov, A.N., Sharapov, S., Dreval, M., Stipani, L., Ayllon, J., Duval, B., Fasoli, A., Galdon-Quiroga, J., Gonzalez-Martin, J., Sauter, O., Snicker, A., Testa, D.Development of External Actuators to Control Fast-Ion Driven MHD Fluctuations in the TCV Tokamak
O2.110Laggner*, F.M., Rosenthal, A.M., Bortolon, A., Wilks, T.M., Hughes, J.W., Effenberg, F., Shafer, M.W., Odstrcil, T.Commissioning of the Ly-α pinhole camera diagnostic at DIII-D: Towards inboard and outboard neutral density measurements
O2.201Sasorov*, P.On the use of high energy particle radiation for understanding the texture of the QED vacuum polarization in a strong electromagnetic field
O2.202Fedeli*, L., Sainte-Marie, A., Quéré, F., Vay, J., Vincenti, H.A 10^25 W/cm^2 light source obtained with an optically structured relativistic plasma mirrors: some possible applications
O2.203Vranic*, M., Jirka, M., Martinez, B., Grismayer, T., Silva, L.O.Direct laser acceleration in plasma channels: energetic leptons and output radiation
O2.204Sampath*, A., Davoine, X., Corde, S., Gremillet, L., Gilljohann, M., Sangal, M., Keitel, C., Ariniello, R., Cary, J., Ekerfelt, H., Emma, C., Fiuza, F., Fujii, H., Hogan, M., Joshi, C., Knetsch, A., Kononenko, O., Lee, V., Litos, M., Marsh, K., Nie, Z., O'Shea, B., Peterson, J., San Miguel Claveria, P., Storey, D., Wu, Y., Xu, X., Zhang, C., Tamburini, M.Extremely dense gamma-ray pulses in electron beam-multifoil collisions
O2.205Davoine*, X., Blanchot, N., Gremillet, L., d'Humières, E., Masson-laborde, P., Raffestin, D.Efficient ion acceleration driven with the kJ class PETAL laser due to complex laser interaction with a long preformed plasma
O2.206Gorlova*, D., Tsymbalov, I., Zavorotniy, A., Savel’ev, A., Nedorezov, V.Collimated MeV electron beam generation in the interaction of intense ultrashort laser pulse with a dense plasma and its applications
O2.207Moreau*, J.G.Collimation and post-acceleration of laser-driven proton beams in helical coil targets
O2.208Fedosejevs*, R., Longman, A., Huault, M., Salgado, C., Zeraouli, G., Malko, S., De Marco, M., Apinaniz, J., Perez-Hernandez, J., Gatti, G., Volpe, L.MeV electron and proton generation using OAM laser modes
O2.301Sato*, Y., Ishikawa, K., Tsutsumi, T., Ui, A., Akita, M., Oka, S., Hori, M.Numerical analysis of effects of applying voltage polarity on atmospheric pressure argon streamer discharge under pin-to-plane electrode geometry
O2.302Šimek*, M., Hoffer, P., Prukner, V., Schmidt, J.High time- and spatial-resolution studies of initial phases of nanosecond discharges in liquid water
O2.303Bilek*, P., Tungli, J., Bonaventura, Z.Initiation of nanosecond electrical breakdown in liquid water: Electron multiplication in long nanocavities
O2.304Désangles, V., Raimbault, J., Poyé, A., Chabert, P., Plihon*, N.A new mechanism for pattern formation in low-pressure RF plasmas
O2.J601Madsen*, N.Sympathetic cooling of positrons to cryogenic temperatures
O2.J602Pustylnik, M., Klumov, B., Rubin-Zuzic, M., Lipaev*, A., Nosenko, V., Usachev, A., Zobnin, A., Thomas, H., Thoma, M., Petrov, O., Fortov, V.Pair correlations in string-fluid complex plasmas
O3.101Linder*, O., Fable, E., Jenko, F., Papp, G., Pautasso, G.Validation of state-of-the-art runaway electron generation models in simulations of ASDEX Upgrade disruptions
O3.102Idomura*, Y.Isotope and Plasma Size Scaling in Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence
O3.201Wu, Y., Wang*, S.Y., Dong, K.Micro-spot gamma ray source based on LWFA and its application in high resolution radiography
O3.202Singh*, S.K., Kumar, D., Armstrong, C., Rusby, D., Klimo, O., Zhang, Y., Kang, N., Ren, L., Liu, H., Hua, N., Sun, M., Zhu, B., Lei, A., Versaci, R., Schlegel, T., Garcia, A.L., Wagnar, A., Cowan, T., McKenna, P., Neely, D., Zhu, J., Weber, S., Tikhonchuk, V.High energy bremsstrahlung emission from relativistic laser plasma experiments
O3.203Horný*, V., Krůs, M., Fülöp, T.Attosecond betatron radiation pulse train
O3.204Woldegeorgis, A., Almassarani*, M., Herzer, S., Gopal, A.A T - ray perspective of the laser driven particle acceleration process
O3.205Peng, H., Riconda*, C., Grech, M., Weber, S.Parametric description of laser-generated ion plasma gratings
O3.206McKenna, P., Duff, M., Williamson, S., Wilson, R., King, M., Gray*, R., Gonzalez-Izquierdo, B., Higginson, A., Davidson, Z., Capdessus, R., Booth, N., Hawkes, S., Neely, D.High order mode structure of intense light fields generated in intense laser-foil interactions
O3.207Holt*, G.K., Vieux, G., Maitrallain, A., Shahzad, M., Dias, J.M., Krishnamurthy, S., Kornaszewski, A., Jaroszynski, D.A.Investigation of Transient Plasma Photonic Crystals
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