Vol. 45A
ISBN: 979-10-96389-13-1

47th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
21 - 25 June 2021

Virtual Conference

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O1.101Dittrich*, L., Moon, S., Petersson, P., Rubel, M., Widdowson, A.Deuterium retention and depth profiling of co-deposits on bulk beryllium and tungsten tiles from JET-ILW
O1.203Lécz*, Z., Platonov, K., Hafz, N., Andreev, A.Generation and manipulation of a strong magnetic fields in cluster gas irradiated by intense circularly polarized laser pulses
O1.301Boni*, F.A numerical and experimental study of the curling probe: application to electron density measurements in ECR and ICP plasma sources
O1.402Pusztai*, I., Juno, J., Brandenburg, A., TenBarge, J.M., Hakim, A., Francisquez, M., Sundström, A.Kinetic dynamo in non-magnetized plasmas impeded by magnetic Landau damping
O2.101Pütterich*, T., Bagnato, F., Bobkov, V., Camenen, Y., Coda, S., Dunne, M., Eriksson, F., Fable, E., Fischer, R., Fransson, E., Karpushov, A., Labit, B., Lang, P., Merle, A., McDermott, R., Suttrop, W., Vallar, M., Voitsekhovitch, I., Widmer, F., Willensdorfer, M.The ITER baseline scenario at ASDEX Upgrade and TCV
O2.102Lang*, P.T., Ploeckl, B., Davis, S., Fable, E., Griener, M., Janky, F., Kircher, M., Kudlacek, O., Matsunaga, G., Nakamura, S., Sieglin, B., Suzuki, T., Suttrop, W., Treutterer, W., Yamamoto, S., Zohm, H., Team, A.U.Pellet actuator development step-by-step: from AUG to JT-60SA and EU-DEMO
O2.103Suzuki*, Y.Spontaneous transition improving particle confinement in high-beta plasmas of Large Helical Device
O2.104Pan*, O., Lunt, T., Wischmeier, M., Coster, D., Stroth, U.SOLPS simulations for alternative divertor configurations in the future upper divertor in ASDEX Upgrade
O2.105Verhaegh*, K., Lipschultz, B., Duval, B.Spectroscopic investigations of TCV detachment
O2.107Rivero-Rodriguez*, J.F.Kinetic modelling of ELM-induced fast-ion transport and acceleration in the ASDEX upgrade tokamak
O2.110Laggner*, F.M., Rosenthal, A.M., Bortolon, A., Wilks, T.M., Hughes, J.W., Effenberg, F., Shafer, M., Odstrčil, T.Commissioning of the Ly-α pinhole camera diagnostic at DIII-D: Towards inboard and outboard neutral density measurements
O2.301Sato*, Y., Ishikawa, K., Tsutsumi, T., Ui, A., Akita, M., Oka, S., Hori, M.Numerical analysis of high-electron-density atmospheric pressure argon streamer under a pin-to-plane electrode geometry: Effects of applying voltage polarity
O2.303Bilek*, P., Tungli, J., Bonaventura, Z., Šimek, M.Initiation of nanosecond electrical breakdown in liquid water: Electron multiplication in long nanocavities
O3.101Linder*, O., Fable, E., Jenko, F., Papp, G., Pautasso, G.Validation of state-of-the-art runaway electron generation models in simulations of ASDEX Upgrade disruptions
O3.102Idomura*, Y.Isotope and Plasma Size Scaling in Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence
O3.203Horný*, V., Krůs, M., Yan, W., Fülöp, T.Attosecond betatron radiation pulse train
O3.207Holt*, G.K., Vieux, G., Ersfeld, B., Yoffe, S.R., Maitrallain, A., Shahzad, M., Kornaszewski, A., Dias, J.M., Krishnamurthy, S., Symes, D.R., Bourgeois, N., Jaroszynski, D.A.Investigation of transient plasma photonic crystals
O3.401Jercic*, V., Keppens, R., Zhou, Y.Inducing prominence oscillations with a shock wave
O3.402Yamasaki*, K.Three-dimensional measurement using tomography systems in a magnetized plasma in linear cylindrical geometry
O3.J501Dux*, R., Cavedon, M., Kallenbach, A., McDermott, R.M., German, V.Influence of CX-reactions on the radiation in the pedestal region at ASDEX Upgrade
O4.102Sanchís*, L., Garcia-Munoz, M., Viezzer, E., Snicker, A., Gonzalez-Martin, J., Galdon-Quiroga, J., Chen, L., Zonca, F., Zarzoso, D., Suttrop, W., Willensdorfer, M.Beam-ion transport dependence on Magnetic Perturbations spectrum and plasma helicity in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
O4.104Goniche*, M., Bourdelle, C., Ostuni, V., Artaud, J., Bucalossi, J., Colas, L., Desgranges, C., Delpech, L., Devynck, P., Dumont, R., Ekedahl, A., Fedorczak, N., Garcia, J., Gaspar, J., Gil, C., Guillemaut, C., Guirlet, R., Gunn, J.P., Hillairet, J., Klepper, C., Król, K., Lau, C., Maget, P., Manenc, L., Martin, E., Mazon, D., Meyer, O., Morales, J., Moreau, P.J., Nouailletas, R., Peret, M., Peysson, Y., Regal-Mezin, X., Vermare, L., Vezinet, D., Wallace, G.Operating near the L-H power threshold in WEST full tungsten environment
O4.107Vannini*, F., Biancalani, A., Bottino, A., Hayward-Schneider, T., Lauber, P., Mishchenko‬, ‪., Poli, E., Vlad, G.Gyrokinetic investigation of the nonlinear interaction of Alfvén instabilities and energetic-particle driven geodesic acoustic modes
O4.108Štancar*, Ž., Ghani, Z., Siren, P., Žohar, A., Eriksson, J., Conroy, S., Kazakov, Y., Nocente, M., Garzotti, L., Solano, E., Radulović, V., Gorelenkova, M., Weisen, H., Čufar, A., Militello-Asp, E., Snoj, L.Integrated modelling driven fusion research - coupling of plasma and neutron transport codes
O4.109Strauss*, H.Current and thermal quench in JET and ITER disruptions
O4.110Pinsker*, R.I., Van Compernolle, B., Brookman, M.W., Moeller, C.P., O'Neill, R.C., Garofalo, A.M., Petty, C.C., Carter, T.A., Nagy, A., Lau, C.H., Porkolab, M.Experimental studies of helicon wave excitation, propagation, damping and current drive on the DIII-D and LAPD devices
O4.202Atzeni*, S., Barbato, F., Forte, A.Fluid modeling of laser-driven implosion of magnetized spherical targets
O4.308Denysenko*, I., Stefanović, I., Mikikian, M., Kovacevic, E., Berndt, J.Modelling of argon/dust pulsed plasma
O4.J702Altukhov, A., Arkhipenko, V., Gurchenko, A., Gusakov, E., Popov, A., Simonchik, L., Usachonak*, M.Comparison of temporal evolution of the X- and O-mode anomalous absorption in the plasma filament
O5.101Yu*, Q., Strumberger, E., Igochine, V., Lackner, K., Laqua, H., Zanini, M., Hoefel, U., Guenter, S.Nonlinear numerical modeling for understanding electron temperature crashes observed in W7-X experiments
O5.102Reisner*, M., Stober, J., Di Siena, A., Fischer, R., Burckhart, A., Bock, A., Fable, E., McDermott, R., Bañon Navarro, A.Investigation of increased core ion temperatures in high-beta advanced scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade
O5.401Annenkov*, V.V., Volchok, E., Timofeev, I.Numerical code for calculating plasma waves dispersion in relativistic magnetized plasma
O5.404Touati*, M., Silva, L., Shukla, N., Boella, E.Relativistic collisionless shocks : microphysics and long-time dynamics
O5.J502Martinelli*, L., Mikitchuk, D., Duval, B., Colandrea, C., Février, O., Gorno, S., Linehan, B., De Oliveira, H., Perek, A., Reimerdes, H., Theiler, C., Verhaegh, K., Vincent, B., Wensing, M.Spectroscopic studies of TCV divertor plasma with the DSS upgrade
O5.J503Gunn*, J.P.ITER Langmuir probes: Physics and technological issues under investigation in the WEST tokamak
O5.J504Chew*, J., Gibbon, P., Brömmel, D., de Vries, P., Gribov, Y.First principles 3D simulation of tokamak plasma breakdown
O5.J505Van Uytven*, W., Dekeyser, W., Blommaert, M., Baelmans, M.A hybrid fluid-kinetic model for plasma-edge neutrals using kinetic-fluid condensation and its application to ITER cases
P.4.1007Porkolab*, M., Denk, S., Marinoni, A., Moeller, C.P., Rost, J.C., Seraydarian, R.Recent Progress in the Development of Phase Contrast Imaging Techniques to Measure GHz RF Waves in Fusion Grade Plasmas
P1.1002Gryaznevich*, M.Experiments on ST40 at high magnetic field
P1.1007Pokol*, G.I., Asztalos, O., Balázs, P., Szondy, B., von Hellerman, M., Hill, C., Marchuk, O., O’Mullane, M., Poloskei, P.Z., Varje, J., Tomes, M., Tőkési, K.Neutral beam penetration and photoemission benchmark
P1.1009Tretinnikov*, P., Gusakov, E., Heuraux, S.Edge plasma turbulence influence on X-mode beam propagation in the framework of CTS in tokamaks
P1.1010Bonofiglo*, P.Modeling Fast Ion Losses in JET Deuterium Plasmas Supported by Measurement
P1.1011Panontin*, E., Rigamonti, D., Nocente, M., Craciunescu, T., Dal Molin, A., Giacomelli, L., Gorini, G., Iliasova, M., Kazakov, Y., Khilkevitch, E., Kiptily, V., Perelli Cippo, E., Shevelev, A., Tardocchi, M.γ-ray emission from radio frequency heating experiments with the three-ion schemes at the Joint European Torus
P1.1014Zhilkin*, A., Sychugov, D., Sadykov, A., Melnikov, A., Andreev, V., Sushkov, A.Comparison of the results of numerical simulation of magnetic fields in the T-15MD installation with the experiment using the upgraded Plasmaless computational code
P1.1019Drews*, P., Killer, C., Knieps, A., Reimold, F., Zhang, D., Cosfeld, J., Grulke, O., König, R., Krämer-Flecken, A., Liang, Y., Nicolai, D., Satheeswaran, G., Liu, S., Endler, M., Hammond, K.Current effect on the edge profiles in the island at W7-X
P1.1022Cano Megías*, P., Viezzer, E., Brzozowski, R., Plank, U., Cavedon, M., Happel, T., Höfler, K., Cruz-Zabala, D., Dux, R., Griener, M., Hobirk, J., Jansen van Vuuren, A., Pütterich, T., Chacartegui, R.Experimental study of the impact of ion orbit losses on the edge radial electric field at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
P1.1023Boyle*, D.P., Bell, R.E., Elliott, D.B., Hansen, C., Hughes, P.E., Kubota, S., Maan, A., Majeski, R.Extending the low-recycling regime to higher performance discharges and liquid lithium walls in the Lithium Tokamak Experiment-β
P1.1025Sun*, G., Reimerdes, H., Wensing, M., Claudia, C., Duval, B., Février, O., Theiler, C.Investigating the influence of TCV divertor baffles on nitrogen seeded detachment with SOLPS simulations
P1.1026Krychowiak*, M., König, R., Henke, F., Barbui, T., Flom, E., Kwak, S., Svensson, J., Gradic, D., Feng, Y., Gao, Y., Jakubowski, M., Otte, M., Reimold, F., Schmitz, O., Winters, V., Zhang, D., Pedersen, T.S.Gaussian Process Tomography of carbon radiation in the transition to detached plasmas in the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
P1.1028Sergeev*, N.S.Modification of the tungsten surface under the beam plasma discharge plasmas
P1.1029Borodin*, D.V., Dittmar, T., Henriques, R., Pawelec, E., de la Cal, E., Silburn, S., Romazanov, J., Shaw, A., Meigs, A., Lawson, K., Brezinsek, S., Borodkina, I., Douai, D., Huber, A.Be erosion and migration with isotopic effect observed in JET-ILW
P1.1031Gerasimov*, S.N., Abreu, P., Baranov, Y., Baylor, L., Boboc, A., Carvalho, I., Coffey, I., Craven, D., Huber, V., Jachmich, S., Joffrin, E., Krasheninnikov, S., Kruezi, U., Lehnen, M., Lomas, P., Manzanares, A., Maslov, M., Matveeva, E., Pautasso, G., Peacock, A., Silburn, S., Smirnov, R., Stuart, C., Sun, H., Shiraki, D., Sweeney, R., Wilson, J., Zakharov, L.Mitigation of disruption electro-magnetic load with SPI on JET-ILW
P1.1033Petrov*, Y., Bakharev, N., Balachenkov, I., Bulanin, V., Dyachenko, V., Gusev, V., Konovalov, A., Kurskiev, G., Minaev, V., Patrov, M., Petrov, A., Ponomarenko, A., Sakharov, N., Shchegolev, P., Skrekel, O., Telnova, A., Tolstyakov, S., Yashin, A.Alfvén Eigenmodes in the Globus-M2 Spherical Tokamak
P1.1037Abdullina*, G.I., Askinazi, L.G., Belokurov, A.A., Chernyshev, F.V., Kornev, V.A., Krikunov, S.V., Lebedev, S.V., Melnik, A.D., Razumenko, D.V., Reznichenko, P.V., Smirnov, A.I., Tukachinsky, A.S., Zhubr, N.A.Plasma composition determination from Alfvén wave spectra in ohmic discharges on the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P1.1038Cianciosa*, M., Isernia, N., Rubinacci, G., Terranova, D., Villone, F.Coupled Modeling for Self Consistent Equilibrium Evolution Using the IPS Framework
P1.1040Eliseev*, S., Timshina, M., Samokhvalov, A., Zhao, Y., Burtsev, V.Numerical Investigations of Initiation of Nanosecond Capillary Discharges
P1.1041Sommariva*, C., Pau, A., Silburn, S., Reux, C., Ficker, O., Fontana, M., Carvalho, P., Hoppe, M., Sheikh, U., Decker, J., Graves, J., Pautasso, G., Paz-Soldan, C.An analysis of the synchrotron radiation images of runaway electron beams in JET: island-like patterns and (partial) current collapse
P1.1042Xia*, G., Liu, Y., Hender, T.C., McClements, K.G., Tholerus, E.Control of Resistive Wall Modes in the Spherical Tokamak
P1.1045Lazerson*, S.A.Modeling of neutral beam heating and current drive in Wendelstein 7-X
P1.1046Kornev*, V.A., Abdullina, G.I., Askinazi, L.G., Belokurov, A.A., Lebedev, S.V., Razumenko, D.V., Tukachinsky, A.S., Zhubr, N.A.First results of the experiments with two-fold increase in NBI power on the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P1.1047Ollus*, P., Varje, J., Keeling, D., Akers, R., Sharma, R., Snicker, A., Kurki-Suonio, T.Simulating beam ion charge exchange in MAST-U
P1.1048Postupaev*, V.V., Batkin, V.I., Burdakov, A.V., Burmasov, V.S., Ivanov, I.A., Kuklin, K.N., Melnikov, N.A., Mekler, K.I., Nikishin, A.V., Rovenskikh, A.F., Sidorov, E.N.Start of plasma operations in GOL-NB with central trap
P1.1049Gallart*, D., Mantsinen, M., Taylor, D., Manyer, J., Planas, E.ICRH physics for relevant schemes in D-T experiments at JET
P1.1051Kirjasuo*, A., Salmi, A., Tala, T., Fable, E., Casson, F.Source impact on density peaking in JET experiments
P1.1052Pesamosca*, F., Felici, F., Coda, S., Galperti, C.Model-based frequency decoupled control of plasma shape and position in the TCV tokamak
P1.1053Bock*, A., Burckhart, A., Dunne, M., Fischer, R., Krebs, I., Reisner, M., Silvagni, D., Stober, J., Pütterich, T.Non-Inductive High-β H-Modes in Full-Tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1054Viezzer*, E., Solano, E., Cano-Megias, P., Cruz-Zabala, D., Oyola, P., Karagianni, C., Meyer, H., Hobirk, J., Bielajew, R., Cavedon, M., Dunne, M., Happel, T., Maraschek, M., McDermott, R., Merle, A., Suttrop, W., Vanovac, B., Willensdorfer, M.Progress towards a quiescent, high confinement regime for the all-metal ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
P1.1056Seo*, J., Na, Y., Kim, B., Lee, C., Park, M., Lee, Y.Simultaneous control of multiple 0D parameters by using deep reinforcement learning in KSTAR tokamak
P1.1057Lacquaniti*, M., Sias, G., Cannas, B., Fanni, A., Maraschek, M., Gude, A.Machine learning approach for operational phases identification in H-mode Density Limit disruptions
P1.1059Bussiahn*, R., Tamura, N., McCarthy, K.J., Andreeva, T., Brunner, K.J., Buttenschön, B., Dinklage, A., Geiger, B., Geiger, J., Fuchert, G., Langenberg, A., Pablant, N., Rhabarnia, K., Swee, C., Wegner, T.Impurity transport studies on Wendelstein 7-X by Tracer-Encapsulated Solid Pellets
P1.1060Donnel*, P., Brunner, S., Gheller, C., Lanti, E., Murugappan, M., Ohana, N., Sadr, M., Villard, L.Nonlinear multi-species collision operator for gyrokinetic codes
P1.1061Cazabonne*, J.A., Coda, S., Decker, J., Peysson, Y.Scattering of electron-cyclotron waves by plasma density fluctuations in tokamaks
P1.1063Valvis*, S.I., Papadopoulos, A.D., Hizanidis, K., Papagiannis, P., Tsironis, C., Ram, A.K.Diffraction of radio-frequency waves by plasma turbulence in the edge of a tokamak
P1.1065Falchetto*, G.L., Tamain, P., Bufferand, H., Ciraolo, G., Fedorczak, N., Ghendrih, P., Laribi, E., Luce, B., Serre, E., Tatali, R.Self-generated reversed radial electric field in 3D global flux-driven fluid edge plasma turbulence simulations
P1.1067Nem*, R.D., Rasmussen, J.J., Naulin, V., Herrmann, A., Vianello, N., Sieglin, B., de Marne, P.Measurements in the X-point region of ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1068Lim*, K., Gravier, E., Lesur, M., Lo-Cascio, G., Garbet, X., Sarazin, Y., Grandgirard, V.Effects of toroidal rotation on turbulent and neoclassical impurity transport
P1.1069Ruiz Ruiz*, J.Interpreting Radial Correlation Doppler Reflectometry with Gyrokinetic Simulations
P1.1070Yashin*, A.Study of the ELM-free regimes by Doppler backscattering in the Globus-M tokamak
P1.1072Anastassiou*, G., Zestanakis, P., Kominis, Y.Orbital Spectrum Analysis of Fast Ion drift motion and transport in toroidal magnetic field configurations
P1.1077Tala*, T., Mariani, A., Salmi, A., Solano, E., Carvalho, I., Chomiezewska, A., Delabie, E., Eriksson, F., Ferreira, J., Fransson, E., Horvath, L., Jacquet, P., King, D., Kirjasuo, A., Leerink, S., Lerche, E., Maggi, C., Mantica, P., Marin, M., Maslov, M., Menmuir, S., Bianchetti-Morales, R., Naulin, V., Nave, F., Nordman, H., Perez von Thun, C., Schneider, P., Sertoli, M., Tanaka, K.Comparison of particle transport and confinement properties between the ICRH and NBI heated dimensionless identity plasmas on JET
P1.1079Wilms*, F., Navarro, A.B., Merlo, G., Leppin, L., Görler, T., Dannert, T., Hindenlang, F., Jenko, F.Nonlinear global gyrokinetic stellarator simulations of GENE-3D with kinetic electrons
P1.1080Hirvijoki*, E.Structure-preserving marker-particle discretizations of Coulomb collisions for particle-in-cell codes
P1.1082Albert Devasagayam*, F.Effect of the recycling profile on the SOL turbulence in the FT-2 Tokamak
P1.2019Irimiciuc*, S.A., Chertopalov, S., Bulíř, J., Fekete, L., Novotný, M., Craciun, V., Lancok, J.Understanding multiple structure formation in laser-produced plasmas on Ag in various gases
P1.2020Kucharik*, M., Limpouch, J., Nikl, J.Development of ALE hydrodynamic code for laser-plasma interactions with self-generated magnetic fields
P1.2022Nikl*, J., Kuchařík, M., Weber, S.Self-generated magnetic fields modelling within high-order Lagrangian magneto-hydrodynamics
P1.2023Krupka*, M.Ablation instability experimentally observed on the thin foil metal target surface during its irradiation by terawatt laser
P1.2025Dzhumagulova, K., Seisembayeva*, M., Shalenov, E., Kossymkyzy, Z., Ramazanov, T.Study of the phenomenon of runaway electron based on the effective interaction potentials
P1.3005Pikalev*, A., Pustylnik, M., Räth, C., Thomas, H.Different void regimes and the heartbeat instability in complex plasmas
P1.3009Durán-Olivencia, F.J., Pontiga*, F.2D numerical modelling of Trichel pulses in oxygen
P1.4001Waybright*, J.C., Mlodik, M., Fisch, N.Acceleration of a two species plasma from moving walls
P1.4004Bournelis*, T., Antonenas, Y., Kominis, Y.Collective particle dynamics under interaction with localized wavepackets
P1.4005Timshina*, M., Kalinin, N., Burtsev, V., Samokhvalov, A.Complex computation of a high-brightness source in the soft X-ray spectral range based on He-like ions
P1.4006Chen*, C., Becker, J.R., Farrell, J.J.Confinement time of ion kinetic energy in a controlled nuclear fusion system
P1.4008Badiali*, C., Bilbao, P.J., Cruz, F.A Machine Learning-based approach to Comptonscattering models for particle-in-cell codes
P1.4012Hermans*, J., Keppens, R.Piece-wise power law or interpolated curve, does it matter for optically thin radiative cooling?
P2.1002Orsitto*, F.P., Romanelli, M., Menon, V.Physics driven scaling laws for fusion reactors
P2.1009Zemtsov*, I., Krupin, V., Nurgaliev, M., Klyuchnikov, L., Nemets, A., Ivanov, A., Stupishin, N., Naumenko, N., Tugarinov, S.Spectroscopic diagnostics of the T-15MD tokamak
P2.1010Vezinet*, D., Da ros, A., Colledani, G., Fenzi, C., Bertschinger, G., Moureau, G.Imaging X-ray spectrometer on WEST: first results
P2.1011Colette*, D., Mazon, D., Barnsley, R., O'Mullane, M., Jardin, A., Sirinelli, A., Walsh, M.Innovative x-ray measurement diagnostic for impurity transport study on ITER
P2.1013Karimov*, R., Sheikh, U., Duval, B., Charriere, J.Capabilities of the massive gas injection system on TCV
P2.1017Bak*, J., Kim, H., Pitts, R., Lee, H.Experimental investigation of SOL and divertor plasma properties for vertical and horizontal outer target geometries during L-mode discharges in the KSTAR tokamak
P2.1018Wang*, E., Brezinsek, S., Sereda, S., Krychowiak, M., König, R., Kremeyer, T., Jakubowski, M., Janjua, R., Liang, Y., Neubauer, O., Rudischhauser, L., Wauters, T.Spectroscopic study of hydrogen particle behaviour in island divertor of W7-X
P2.1024Pawelec*, E., Borodin, D., Brezinsek, S., Dittmar, T., Douai, D., Meigs, A., Shaw, A.Spectroscopic analysis of the isotope effect in chemically assisted physical sputtering of beryllium
P2.1025Yang*, H., Bucalossi, J., Ciraolo, G., Bufferand, H., Fedorczak, N., Tamain, P., Falchetto, G., Rivals, N., Gunn, J., Marandet, Y., Bernard, P., Vartanian, S.Impact of leakage under divertor baffle on detachment onset in WEST with SOLEDGE3X-EIRENE modeling
P2.1028Kim*, B., Na, Y., Park, M., Kim, S., Lee, Y., Seo, J.Pedestal and ELM characteristics in near double-null configuration in KSTAR
P2.1032Medvedev*, S., Martynov, A., Kuteev, B., Dnestrovskij, A., Drozdov, V.Tokamaks with outer X-points: MHD stability
P2.1036Merle*, A., Coelho, R., Carpanese, F., Dixon, S., Dunne, M., Faugeras, B., Fleury, L., Hollocombe, J., Imbeaux, F., Kogan, L., Romanelli, M., Sauter, O., Zwingmann, W.Equilibrium reconstruction of discharges from EUROfusion tokamaks using the WPCD scientific workflows
P2.1039Rojas-Quesada*, M., Solano-Piedra, R., Köhn, A., Vargas, V.I., Araya-Solano, L.A., Ramirez, A., Hernández-Cisneros, M., Pérez-Hidalgo, J.E., Meneses, E., Jiménez, D., Campos-Duarte, L.J., Coto-Vílchez, F.Progress in SCR-1: microwave heating scenarios calculations, magnetic field line tracing and new plasma diagnostics
P2.1040Guazzotto*, L., Freidberg, J.P.Simple, general, realistic, robust, analytic, tokamak equilibria: numerical evaluation
P2.1041Wieschollek*, F., Hoelzl, M., Nardon, E.Massive Deuterium injection into an MHD active ASDEX Upgrade plasma
P2.1042Miron*, G.Validation of a NTM model using databases of disruptive plasmas at JET
P2.1045Geulin*, E., Pegourié, B., Goto, M., Sakamoto, R., Motojima, G., Matsuyama, A.Link between ablation and line emission for hydrogen fuelling pellet in LHD
P2.1047Bertelli*, N., Shiraiwa, S., Milanesio, D., Křivská, A., Wright, J.C., Klepper, C.C., Jacquet, P., Dumortier, P., Durodié, F., Tierens, W.Benchmark between antenna code TOPICA and Petra-M for the JET ITER-like antenna
P2.1048Nishimura*, S.Neoclassical parallel viscosity effects of fast ions in NBI-heated and/or burning plasmas in quasi-symmetric stellarators
P2.1050Bilato*, R., Brambilla, M.Toroidal effects on the electron absorption of ICRF waves
P2.1051Crombe*, K.Overview of the ICRH system for Wendelstein 7-X
P2.1052Voldiner*, I., van Milligen, B., Hidalgo, C., Sanchez, R.Rapid response of turbulence to ECRH power modulation in the TJ-IIstellarator
P2.1053Maget*, P., Artaud, J., Bourdelle, C., Bucalossi, J., Bufferand, H., Ciraolo, G., Desgranges, C., Devynck, P., Douai, D., Dumont, R., Fedorczak, N., Felici, F., Goniche, M., Guillemaut, C., Guirlet, R., Gunn, J., Manas, P., Sauter, O., Loarer, T., Morales, J., Moreau, P.How Nitrogen seeding securizes plasma ramp-up in the metallic environment of WEST
P2.1054Teplova*, N., Troshin, G., Khavin, V., Gusakov, E., Konovalov, A.Dynamic and stationary modeling of lower hybrid current drive in the FT-2 and the Globus-M2 tokamaks
P2.1056Rivas Reguera*, J., Seo, J.Plasma scenario design with 0D optimization and transport solution
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